Veronza Bowers, Jr.

Photo Album

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1 Veronza plays shakuhachi and silver flute
2 Flute solo with band
3 Jamming with drummers
4 Rehearsal for an upcoming gig
5 "Jah Roots" Reggae Band. Coleman, Florida
6 Native American spiritual group builds a sweat lodge at Lompoc, CA
7 Keeping in shape. Working out at Lompoc, CA
8 Veronza & Garf
9 Veronza and his daughter Veronica
10  Veronza's mother and sisters. His grandchildren
11 Veronza is visited by his cousins
12  Meditation Healing with Shakuhachi - Article & Photos
13  Blowing shakuhachi during meditation session
14  Some members of the meditation group at Terre Haute, IN
15 All-Faith Meditation Group. Coleman, Florida
16 Certificate of Appreciation
17 Veronza is visited by his sisters and their children 
18 Native American Spiritual Group Pow-Wow 
19  Playing flute at the Native American Spiritual Group Celebration
20 Native American Spiritual Group Sweat Lodge