Veronza Bowers, Jr.

Veronza Bowers, Jr.
FCI-2, PO Box 1500
Butner, NC 27509

Born 2/4/46. Single.
One daughter, one son. One granddaughter. One grandson.

Association with a school or health organization in an entry position as instructor, or practitioner, with opportunity for general management consistent with ability to contribute.

- Established healing skills: Tsubo, Touchpoint therapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Muscle testing, Yoga, meditation instructor, music therapy, nutrition advisor and physical development.
- Conscientious health habits (i.e., rigorous exercise program, no drugs, alcohol or cigarettes).
- 30 years experience training and working with youth.
- Politically aware.
- Accomplished musician: Drums, Flutes; Shakuhachi and C Transverse Bamboo.
- Willingness to work hard to establishe capabilities. Meets and works well with people at all levels.
- Organizational ability. Have honored and supported the American Indian ways since 1974.

High School: Omaha South, Omaha, Nebraska, 1961-64
- Parson's College, Fairfield, Iowa, 1964-65 (Wrestling Scholarship)
- University of Nebraska, Omaha, Neb. 1967
- Golden Gate College, San Francisco, 1971
- De Kalb Community College, Atlanta, Georgia, 1977 Associate Arts degree, Dean's list.

1963 Naval Reserve
1966-7 Active duty. Mediterranean Tour. Rank- Third Class Storekeeper E4
1967 Discharged, March.

Atlanta, GA. Laborer, unloading trucks in Shipping/Receiving.
1977-78 Enrolled in Baking Apprentice training program. Supervisor, Mr. Taylor. Good work reports.
1978 Marion, IL. Baker, assigned to Food Services Department. 6 mos. Above average reports.
1978-80 Lompoc, CA. Baker, Food Services Department. Eventually became Lead Man. Above average reports.
1980-81 Lewisburg, PA.
Enrolled in the Drafting Apprenticeship Program, which gained a job in the Machine Tool and Dye Shop. Satisfactory work reports.
1981-88 Lompoc, CA. Recreation Department. Very good reports.
1988-89 Walla Walla, WA. Food Services Department. Very good reports.
1989-90 Leavenworrh, KS. Food Services. Excellent reports.
1990-98 Terre Haute. IN. Janitorial. Very good reports.
1998-2000 Coleman, FL. Assistant Instructor in Power Yoga Program.
Instructor of All-Faith Meditation Group with Shakuhachi. (In Chapel - 2 days per week)
Instructor of Meditation Healing with Shakuhachi in New Skills Building Program. (2 days per week)
Mentor in New Skills Building Program.
Member of Native American Spiritual Circle.
Member of "Naked Jazz" Band. Shakuhachi and C-concert silver flute.
Member of "Jah Roots" Raggae Band.
Team physician for flag-football league.
Team "physician" for basketball league.
Tutor of Sign Language.

NAACP Chess Club Organizer
Rastafarian Community Chairman
Member of Native American Spiritual Group.
'Rastadeez" Rastafarian Band, "Impulse" Jazz Band. Flutist
Member of the International Shakuhachi Society

Published articles on Healing Meditation with Shakuhachi in the Kyoto Journal and The Bulletin of Noetics Sciences (October, 1995, pp14-15).
Presently co-authoring "Shakuhachi & the Human Spirit" with artist Bette Alexander.

- Lewisburg - Spiritual and Cultural Council of Native Nations. 1980-81 Lewisburg, PA. Organizer. Member.
- Commendation Award. 1982. Lompoc, CA. Intervening in a volatile situation, which prevented injury to staff and inmate.
- Lompoc - The Tribe of Five Feathers. 1981-88 Honorary member (American Indian)
- Lompoc Chess Club. 1981-86. Board of Directors. President 1981, '83, '85 '87 Consistent First-Place rating as participating player.
- 'Touch for Health' Practioner. 1981-89. "Because of Veronza's ("Doc") large clientele from all sectors within the prison, he is able to calm many people who are stressed to the point of violence and mayhem. He has used his time to advantage, being on call 24 hours a day for many years." Mark Rivenburgh. (Excerpted from affidavit.)
DESCRIPTION OF THE PATIENT-HEALER PROCESS: Veronza Bowers, Jr. "Touch for Health" is a practical therapy in natural healing. It uses acupressure and massage to improve postural balance and to reduce physical and mental pain."
"By allowing the life force to flow uninterrupted throughout the body,one is able to correct minor problems before they develop into serious illnesses. Contrary to common belief, we do not have to live with pain. We must learn to listen and to feel what is going on in our bodies.
"Fostering communication between individuals develops greater trust. I always train a second person while working on a patient. We need to touch each other in ways other than for sex or punishment. This friend is then available when I am not around. I firmly believe that as social beings, we need each other to stay balanced and healthy."