Letter in Support of Parole by
Paulette d'Auteuil & Bob Robideau

July 15, 1993
Federal Parole Board United States Penitentiary

Greetings, To Whom It May Concern;

This letter is on behalf of Veronza Bowers,Jr. 35316-136. Veronza has been my friend for over twenty yearsand I have seen him change from an angry young man to a matureman who has come to understand his anger and focus it in a positiveway to help other people. He has helped others incarcerated withhim and many friends on the outside to understand and deal withthe pain (physical and psychological) of every day life. His commitmentto change has remained but his focus on the commitment has changeand matured with his own spiritual and intellectual development.He has become a positive person and a source of good energy whichhe has used constructively to help both prisoners and administrationsreduce tensions that could have resulted in volatile situations.In my opinion, Veronza has earned his parole, and would be a positiveperson in any community. My husband and I would be more than willingto offer Veronza and his wife a home with us now or any time inthe future; and help him find work in the health community. Iwould hope that you will take his accomplishments into considerationand grant him a parole this year as it would be wonderful to havehim reunited physically in our circle.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,
Paulette d'Auteuil Bob Robideau

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