Letter in Support of Parole by
Rob Kirsch
Prison Administrator

U.S. Government Memorandum

April 2, 1984

Rob Kirsch
Group Activities Co-ordinator
Letter of Commendation - Veronza Bowers, Jr. #35316-136

To H-Unit Team

This letter of commendation is for Mr. Veronza Bowers, #35316-136, who has been the President of the Lompoc Chess Club since itsinception in April, 1982.

Mr. Bowers was elected President of the Lompoc Chess Club in April, 1982 and re-elected again in April, 1983 by vote of hisClub Members.

During that time he has unselfishly spent many hours each week working on programs and projects to enhance the Chess Club. His efforts have resulted in the Chess Club being a well run, well attended Club which has offered a wide range of interests for its members and the general population of this Institution whoare interested in learning to play a competitive game of chess.

Since the Chess Club's beginning, they have become an affiliate member of the United State Chess Federation. All of the Club Members are now members of the United States Chess Federation themselves and all of their tournaments are conducted under the rules and regulations set forth by the Federation. There are on an averageforty-five active members in the Chess Club.

The Club raised its own monies to purchase memberships and awards for the tournaments which are held by conducting a Bathrobe Sale in which $1900.00 was raised. Since this was a joint effort, one-half of the monies went to the Toastmasters Club. This salewas organized and put together by the efforts of Mr. Bowers.

Mr. Bowers has always been cooperative with Staff in this Department and he is well liked and respected by his peers group in the GroupActivities Center.

Without Mr. Bowers drive and hard work, the Chess Club would not be the high caliber organization it is now. He deserves tobe recognized for his efforts to improve himself and to aid others.

Rob Kirsch
Group Activities Co-ordinator
U.S. Penitentiary
Lompoc, CA 93436

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