Testimony in Support of Parole by
Ernie King
Prison Unit Manager

Testimony of Mr. Ernie, Unit Manager at USP Terre Hauteat a parole hearing in 2004. Mr. King told the parole examiners that he had never before represented an inmate at a parole hearing and was departing from the practice in this instance has now twice very strongly recommend that Veronza Bowers, Jr. be paroled.

(Quote from page 2 of the U.S. Parole Commision's "Review Summary" of the hearing.)

"Mr. King reports that Bowers is in his unit. he has a positive and matureinteraction with staff. Mr. King then cited documents that he brought to thehearing. The Education Department has indicated that Bowers contributed to recreationsaving money for the Institution by performing for the inmates. The EducationDepartment endorses him for parole.

"A letter from a president of an employment company which hires ex-felons indicates that they will assist Bowers in employment. They seehim as a seriouscandidate for help throughtheir agency.

"Mr. King then reports on a verified incident that in1983 an inmate was stabbed at Lompoc. Bowers was instrumental in resolving the situation and saved staff from assault and possible homicide. This is verified and he receiveda commendation.

"Bowers has a very positive resume with good community support and qualifications for employment. He wants to work with youth. He has good work reports in prisonand helps others. He has a concerted effort to improe since in prison.

"Mr. King personally endorses Bowers for release."

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