Testimony in Support of Parole by
Cheryl Jiminez
Prison Case Manager

Testimony of Ms. Cheryl Jiminez, case manager in the Skills Program, FCC Coleman Medium at Veronza's parole hearing:

" The Skills Program is a pilot program . . . designed for inmates that are actually special needs for low-functioning learning disabled. They can't have a GED or to be in the program and . . . usually can't even read. A lot of them probably won't ever be able to [get a GED], but we're improving their skills so they can function better in prison and upon release, like getting a job and teaching them social skills like communication and anger management, problem solving.

" We have counted on the mentors to live with the students and Mr. Bowers has been someone that we've counted on to handle our most difficult students, the problem inmates that get frustrated easily, that have very poor problem solving.

" Mr. Bowers has been a role model in the unit and the inmates will listen to another inmate more than staff. They kind of believe he's been there, he understands, and he's been very helpful in that program.

" He lives with the student. He helps them academically with their homework, teaching them to read, arithmetic and anything else. He goes over the problem solving [and homework] in those classes.

" He does the meditation class in the chapel as well as on the unit. That's been helpful for inmate to relax. They really enjoy it. [Mr. Bowers} established with the chaplains and the recreation department a meditation program . . . and he is the primary facilitator for that group. . . . He's been a positive role model in that program. I have always heard him be very respectful, very appropriate to staff and inmates."

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