Letter in Support of Parole by
Leonard C. Holley, Jr.
Prison Inmate

September 9, 1992

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm writing this letter in reference to pain, pain, and morepain.

Here, recently, I was struck with a mild numbness, both in my leg and foot. I didn't think much of it at the time, thinking that it would pass. This was one of the worst mistakes I'd ever made in my entire life. A week or two went by in which I found myself not being able to stand for any period of time. This was very, very difficult because of my present situation. A couple of days later, a sharp severe pain struck similar to that of a cramp struck my leg, foot and the lower part of my back. I became paralyzed and was confined to bed. The pain was constant and unbearable, rendering me helpless and afraid because I did not know whereit was coming from.

In this condition, I immediately summoned the one man, other than God, who might help me. His name is Veronza Bowers, better known as Daoud or the Witchdoctor. When Veronza arrived, he immediately asked what was the problem seeing that I was experiencing immense pain. I explained the symptoms and told him how long they were occurring. He examined me touching every nerve up and down my left side and came to the conclusion that the problem was my sciatic nerve. He said that it was very tensed and out of its root or socket, but not to worry as this was one of his specialties. He then began to press along my left side with the cushion of his fingers, pushing the nerve back into its proper position. Just the touch of his hand relaxed my body from head to toe. I found this to be remarkable! Asked to stand in an upright position, the pain had eased up a great deal, but there was still some. So Veronza repeated the same procedure again. After this treatment, other than feeling exhausted, I felt great. I was then told to stand up once more, close my eyes and let the tip of my tongue touch the upper part of my mouth and with my mouth closed, to relax. Veronza then rubbed both hands together and ran them up and down and across my whole entire body saying that he was now applying me with energy which I had lost. After this treatment I felt 90% better with only the fatigue left from 24 hours ofno sleep.

I am writing this letter for the mere fact of expressing appreciation for a man who has the rare knowledge and experience to heal the sick. A man who has a heart as big as gold. A man who cares and spreads himself all out to help his fellow man. This is surely a gifted man, an outstanding man and, most importantly, this man has become my friend. What he did for me was remarkable and rare,but to him it was just another serious operation.

A letter of appreciation,

Leonard C. Holley, Jr.
U.S. Penitentiary
Terre Haute, Indiana

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