Testimony in Support of Parole by
Jeffrey Bryan
Prison Unit Manager

Testimony of Mr. Jeffrey Bryan, Unit Manager at FCC Coleman Medium at a recent parole hearing:

" I have known inmate Bowers for-the best I can pinpoint-approximately 17years . . . . I have been with the Bureau of Prisons for 25 years in March andthis is my first time ever speaking on behalf of an inmate.

" As I said, I have known Bowers for approximately 17 years, maybe evenmore, but it's very unusual having come through the ranks as a correctional officer, a lieutenant, a captain-I have worked in the regional office, I have worked in the central office, I have been a disciplinary hearing officer, and now I'm a unit manager. It's very unusual to run into an inmate who can do five years, ten years, 15 years, 20 years, 21 years is the exception, and this isexceptional that the inmate could conduct himself in an institution in such amanner as not to even receive an incident report. Incident reports are very easy to get and he has set the standard for not getting any incident reports.  I can address the fact that as a Bureau of Prisons employee, we all wish we had an institution full of inmates who can go 21 years without an incident report.

" And I will just reiterate one more time that in 25 years, almost, withthe Bureau of Prisons, I have never done this, but when he asked me to come speak to you today, I didn't hesitate a second. I think it's worthy to note that he's been around this long and done this good in the Bureau."

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