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East Bentleigh,
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The Honorable Mr. Nelson Mandela

Dear Mr. Mandela,

I trust you are well and trying to find time to relax in yourbusy life!
I am writing to you, as you should be made aware of a remarkableman who has struggled all his life for black rights in the US.His name is Veronza Bowers JR.

I have been in contact with him the last few years. Heis now 55 years old. Veronza is presently in a US prison. Allhis life he has struggled hard for black rights for his peoplein America and has done so from his prison, which has been his "home" nowfor 31 years. Veronza was a memberof the "Black Panther" group and was arrested on veryquestionable evidence in 1970's. He has maintained his innocenceall this time. His maintaining his innocence and his continuedwork for freedom of his people, has, I am sure had an influenceon his parole outcomes.

He impresses me greatly with his positive attitude, compassionand lack of bitterness towards his jailers. Veronza is a poet,musician and a healer. His work in meditation and healing hasbeen praised by the authorities for helping other inmates cometo terms with their imprisonment and cope with the harsh lifethat they face. Through him being a musician, he has also takenup playing the Japanese bamboo flute, which is a form of meditation.It was through this association that he has made a lot of extrafriends and fellow players of the flute have helped him and givenhim hope. A fund was set up by his support group in the US topay for his legal representation at his parole hearing.

Late last year, with these funds, Veronza and his supporters, with the help of a parole attorney they were able to make a goodcase for release. The parole examiner recommended his release.However the parole commissioner overturned this recommendationand gave no reasons. This has happened before. There has beena number of letters of support for his release, from governors,lawyers, and politicians, sent to the parole board. This yeara letter was sent to Clinton asking for clemency. He has met allthe required levels for release, but has not been successful.The only way left now seems to be through the courts.

The supporters have set up a web site for him at

Mr. Mandela, I am sure Veronza Bowers, Jr. is a man who willgo down in history as a remarkable man who struggled all his lifefor the rights of his people.

Once again, I am sorry to interrupt your busy schedule, butthis man is someone who, I think you will have a good understanding.
If you could find time to write to him, it would greatly be appreciatedand it will give him much needed hope to keep trying. I wish youwell.

With the very best to you and your family,

Warmest regards,

Ross Allen

Contact for Veronza:
Veronza Bowers Jr.
FCC Medium A-1
P.O. Box 879
Coleman, FL 33521-0819 USA

Support contact in US:
Mr. Monty Levenson
P.O. Box 294
Willits, CA 95490 USA

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